Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Road Warrior

The Road Warrior
Grandma’s awful
Behind the wheel;
Her horn will blow,
And her tires will squeal. 
Her voice gets loud
As the light turns “GO”,
And she says such words
She should not know. 
She rolls down the window
All the way,
And loudly shouts,
“Get out of my way!”  
“You’ll dent my fender,
Or scratch my door,
Or break a window,
Or so much more.
“If I just had
A bigger car,
They’d have more respect,
More respect by far.”

Now Grandma’s finally
Calmed right down
Because she bought a tank
To drive around town.

So when you see her,
With gray hair flying,
Don’t try to out run her.
There’s no use trying.

And don’t get in her way,
And don’t make fun,
Cuz Grandma’s tank’s
Got a great big gun.
There’s Grandma
Parked at the Light,
And there’s not another
Vehicle in sight.
 Everybody knows
To stay out of her way,
Or she’ll roll right over you
And then say, “Have a nice day.”




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