Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Edge of the Light

The Edge Of The Light


There are such things out there
That go lurking around,
Just when it gets dark.
They don’t make a sound.
If they are really out there,
They don’t stay for long.
You think that you can see them,
But when you look there they are gone.
These creatures live in the shadows,
Just out of sight.
These creatures live
In Edge of the Light.

The Road Warrior

The Road Warrior
Grandma’s awful
Behind the wheel;
Her horn will blow,
And her tires will squeal. 
Her voice gets loud
As the light turns “GO”,
And she says such words
She should not know. 
She rolls down the window
All the way,
And loudly shouts,
“Get out of my way!”  
“You’ll dent my fender,
Or scratch my door,
Or break a window,
Or so much more.
“If I just had
A bigger car,
They’d have more respect,
More respect by far.”

Now Grandma’s finally
Calmed right down
Because she bought a tank
To drive around town.

So when you see her,
With gray hair flying,
Don’t try to out run her.
There’s no use trying.

And don’t get in her way,
And don’t make fun,
Cuz Grandma’s tank’s
Got a great big gun.
There’s Grandma
Parked at the Light,
And there’s not another
Vehicle in sight.
 Everybody knows
To stay out of her way,
Or she’ll roll right over you
And then say, “Have a nice day.”




Eagles on the Waves

Eagles On The Waves

There’s an angry storm
Raging far out to sea.
It’s whipping up the water,
Giving it plenty of energy.

 Soon, large waves will be thrashing,
And flying towards the land,
Like eagles on the waves,
Pounding onto the sand.

 So keep a watchful eye out,
When the sea does roar,
You might just see an eagle
Racing towards the shore.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Boots & Spurs

Boots & Spurs

 I put on my boots
Then put on my spurs,
But I didn’t notice
That they were hers.

 I was in such a hurry,
And I didn’t think,
To take a notice
That my boots were pink.

So I slid them on,
With no second look.
I was in such a hurry;
I was on the hook.

I was first in line
To ride the bull.
The people were waiting,
And the stands were full.

So I got to the gate,
And about to jump on,
When the judge looked at me
With a quizzical yawn.

He said, “Pardon me there,
But would you like a hand?
Are you sure you know
What you’re doing … Ma’am?



Scary Black Goo

Scary Black Goo


Making scary black goo is easy,

Just follow this recipe and then,

Be careful while you’re mixing it.

Don’t let it touch your skin.


Take a glob of darkness,

And squeeze out all the light.

Add to it some shadows,

The ones you see at night.


Put in a few nightmares,

The kind you want to forget.

Add in a pinch of midnight.

You’re not quite done just yet.


Let it sit in the moonlight,

To thicken up the goo.

Just what you want to do with it,

Now, that is up to you.

A Can Full of Monsters

A Can Full of Monsters


I collect monsters,

Monsters of every kind.

I have one with a bump and a hump,

And one with a spikey spine.


One that has long claws of steel,

And one that has three eyes,

And even one that has bad breath,

And one that whines and cries.


I feed them and I bathe them,

I even brush their teeth.

I comb them and I brush them.

I clean their toenails underneath.


But, taking care of monsters

Is really a big chore.

You have to be dependable,

And clean their messes up for sure.


Now, my Mom says it’s O.K.,

To keep this monster clan,

Just as long as they all stay

Inside our garbage can.

Don't Look in the Box

Don’t Look In The Box


Don’t look in that box over there.

Don’t you dare lift that lid.

There are three boys who didn’t listen.

There are three boys who wished they did.


There is something in there

That will turn you into goo,

And if you lift the lid too high,

It will put its spell on you.


So, if you don’t want to live

In that realm of in-between,

Keep your wits about you,

Tonight is Halloween.